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TGA-FTIR evolved gas analysis

TGA-FTIR evolved gas analysis

Infrared Spectral Detector (ISD), TGA evolved gas analysis

Simplex Scientific provides simple solution that can be used by thermal analysis specialists who may have little or no FTIR/spectroscopy experience for evaluation of evolved gas using the Infrared Spectral Detector (ISD)

The detector can be plugged directly into your thermogravimetric analyser. bundled with the detector is proprietary software that searches a database of over 3,000 spectra in a fraction of a second to provide real time identification of evolved gases.

For more information check out the brochure of Infrared Spectral Detector (ISD) here.

More details on the product and demo video of software can be found on the SImplex website : http://scientex.com.au/brand-site/?id=562