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Scanning Probe Microscopes

Scanning Probe Microscopes

Nanomagnetics Instruments is a leader in the manufacture and marketing of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) and measurement systems for various fields of science and technology.

This microscope family, (includes Atomic Force Microscopes AFM); is used to measure various surface properties of materials. They are complementary to the traditional optical and electron microscopes (EM) and have extensive applications beyond simple surface topography measurements.

Other properties that can be studied with these microscopes are:
- Carrier density
- Charge distribution
- Binding energy
- Electrochemical properties
- Surface magnetic field profile
- Hardness
- Spectroscopic measurements from simple IV to force distance and Nano mechanical properties.


It is also possible to inspect samples under various atmospheric conditions, especially needed for biological applications.

The range of products for ambient temperature applications are
- ezAFM
- ezAFM+
- ezHEMS
- hpAFM
- ezSTM (Scanning Tunnelling Microscope)
- Ambient AFM
- RT-SHPM (Scanning Hall Probe).

Models are also available for extremely low temperatures (20T) as may be used for superconducting material studies.