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Iatroscan MK-6

Iatroscan MK-6

MItsUBISHI CHEMICAL MEDIENCE, Thin layer chromatography, chromatography, separations science, TLC

Thin Layer Chromatography
Iatroscan MK-6

Linear TLC with FPD/FID Detection

The IATROSCAN MK-6 with FPD (Flame Photometric Detector) detects the hetero-atoms such as phosphorous and sulfur selectively.

Simultaneous measurement by both FPD and FID (Flame Ionisation Detector) is possible.

Organic compunds on the thin-layer are captured by means of two eyes, FID and FPD without omission.

TLC-FID/FPD  provides improved quantification and reproducibility enabling the user to acquire a wealth of analytical information of their sample.

More information on the IATROSCAN MK-6 can be found in the brochure.

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