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This underpins our business philosophy, which in practical terms means marketing only leading suppliers of scientific instrumentation and ‘best in class’ products. Our goal is to assist the Australian and New Zealand science community to achieve its objectives. We do this by applying our teams’ collective 70 years experience, market knowledge and technical skills to ensure that every customer buys with 100% confidence.

Scientex is committed to helping you achieve your goals by providing the best products and after sales service.
Our quality Brands cover two broad categories; Analytical Sciences and Biosciences.
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Materials Science Biotechnology Instruments

The Brands we proudly supply include :


AdNanoTek,   Applied Photophysics,   AAPPTec,   AMT Cameras,   Daicel,   Delong America,   Denator,   GetAMO,   Hirschmann   Isogen Life Sciences,   Kruss,   Lamy Instruments,   Linseis,   Matec,   Mitsubishi CM,   membraPure,   PDR Chemical,   Porometer,   Postnova,   Precisa,   PSS-Polymer Standards Service,   RBC Bioscience,   Rheosys,   Rubolab,   Sentek,   Sercon,   Simplex Scientific,   Solida Biotech,   Supercritical Fluid,   Tanaka,   Testometric

  • pdr-chiral-inc, chiral chromatography, separations science, bioscience, biochemistry separations
    Chiral HPLC Columns Chiral HPLC Columns Chiral SFC Columns   Chiral Chromatography Columns. CHIRALPAK®
  • Surface Tension Technologies Materials & Fluid Surface Tension Characterisation Advancing your Surface Science.   As
  • Sorption Measurement Instruments - MPA - MiniBTC - VariPSA   General Laboratory Equipment - GDU Static -
  • LVEM5 Electron Microscope, Microscopy,Delong-America LVEM5 Electron Microscope, Microscopy, particle imaging, imaging, bioscience, microbiology
    Low Voltage EM's Low Voltage Electron Microscopes SEM TEM STEM   Low Voltage
  • UHV Deposition Systems AdNaNoTek's UHV Deposition Systems (MBE, PLD, IBSD, ALD,
  • Applied Photophysics circular dichroism
    CD & Stop Flow Spectrometers Circular Dichroism Spectrometers Stopped-flow Spectrometers   Circular Dichroism and Stopped-Flow Spectroscopy
  • IRMs & CO2 Breathalyser Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers ABCA2 Automated CO2 Breath
  • SFE Technologies Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) High Pressure Reactors High Pressure Pumps Innovative
  • scientex amt, amt cameras, amt imaging, imaging assessories, EM, Electron microscopy
    TEM Cameras Cameras for Transmission Electron Microscope   Digital cameras for life
  • Materials Thermophysical Analysers Materials Thermophysical Analysers Linseis Thermal Analysis Technology Linseis are a
  • postnova, field flow fractionation, fff, chromatography, protein separations, separation science, biochemistry, bioscience
    FFF Separations Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) Field Flow Chromatography   Field
  • Viscometers Viscometer , Rheometer & Texture Analyser
  • Polymer Research GPC/SEC Systems GPC/SEC Columns Polymer Standards GPC Software
  • tanaka-SCIENTIFIC Petrochemical analysis, petroleum testing, mining, mineral testing, metalurgy
    Petroleum Testers Petroleum Test Instruments Petrochemical Testing Equipment. Tanaka products are used
  • aapptec, Peptides, Peptide synthesis, peptide synthesizers, custom peptides
    Peptide Technologies Peptide Synthesisers Research Peptides   Peptide Synthesisers & Accessories.   AAPPTec is
  • Ion Chromatography systems Amino Acid Analysers & Ion Chromatography ARACUS - AAA
  • rheosys, advanced viscometry, viscometry, viscometers, rheometers, rheometry
    Viscometers Viscometers Rheometers Advanced Viscometers and Rheometers   Rheosys measuring instruments testing yield
  • pdr-chiral-inc, chiral chromatography, separations science, bioscience, biochemistry
    Micro Laser Polarimeter Micro Laser Polarimeter Chiral HPLC Detector Analytical, Semi Prep &
  • Fluid Pumps & Dispensers Fluid Pumps & Dispensers Hirschmann Liquid Handling and rotarus®
  • testometric, analytical science, material science, tension testing, compression testing, shear testing, flexure
    MTM's Universal Material Testing Machines
    Universal Materials Testing Machines.
  • Bio Tissue Preservation Bio Tissue Preservation Protein, peptide and biomarker research -
  • MItsUBISHI CHEMICAL MEDIENCE, Thin layer chromatography, chromatography, separations science, TLC
    Iatroscan MK-6 Thin Layer Chromatography Iatroscan MK-6 Linear TLC with FPD/FID Detection   The
  • Sentek
    pH & ISE Electrodes pH Electrodes Ion Selective Electrodes Sentek offers a range of
  • Solid State Oxygen Sensors Solid State Oxygen Sensors Analytical Measuring Optics.  
  • Laboratory Balances Precisa - Swiss perfection and reliability  

    The balances and

  • TGA-FTIR evolved gas analysis Infrared Spectral Detector (ISD), TGA evolved gas analysis Simplex
  • Nucleic Acid Extraction System, DNA, Genomics, Pathology,
    RBC Bioscience MagCore automated nucleic acid extraction & purification system. RBC
  • Gel Doc, Gel Imaging, bioscience, bioimaging, biochemistry, tissue culture, molecular biology
    Gel Imaging Gel Imaging Proteomics and Genomics Imaging Platforms.   Isogen Life Science
  • Pore Size Distribution The Porometer Pololux range of instruments utilise capillary
  • Bioreactors and fermenters
    Bioreactors and Fermenters Solida Biotech uses CIP (cleaning-in-place) and SIP (sterilisation-in-place)