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UHV Deposition Systems

UHV Deposition Systems

AdNaNoTek’s UHV Deposition Systems (MBE, PLD, IBSD, ALD, MSD, EBE, TE, etc.) are guaranteed to deposit extremely high quality thin films in terms of purity and uniformity.

AdNanoTek UHV deposition systems are guaranteed to deposit extremely high quality thin films in terms of uniformity and purity of surface and interfaces. The state-of-the art system control software provides user-friendly interface that allows easy operation, precise parameter tuning, real-time process monitoring, and complete data logging.

Products include:


UHV Deposition Systems:

Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD),
Pulsed-Laser Molecular Beam Epitaxy (PLMBE)
Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE),
Magnetron Sputtering Deposition (Sputter),
Electron Beam Evaporator (E-Beam),
Ion Beam Sputter Deposition (IBSD),
Atomic Layer Deposition Systems (ALD),
Reactive Ion Etching (RIE),
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD),
Customized UHV Systems, and
Integrated UHV Systems


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